Tuesday, December 9, 2008


My parents: They have done so much for me and my brothers I love them so so much and I dont know what I would ever do without them... They are completely amazing!! I love you mom and dad :)

My Brothers: They are so awesome to me! I truly love them, even though I dont really show it I love them so much and I am greatful for what they do for me..

Kara: We are basically just sisters from another mother. She has been my best friend for 13 years now (wow that is so long) I have loved every minute of our friendship! I dont think anyone knows me better then she does, she knows everything even to this day, I go to her for everything. I love her so much and she has been through LITERALLY everything me, I am so excited to be best friends with her for eternity. I love you so much Kara!

The Martins: This is the family I am currently taking care of. All I can say is I am so truly blessed to have found them. Not only do they provide me with such an amazing job, but with such an amazing friendship.. I dont know what I would ever do without Shannon, I truly love her so much!! She has already done so much for me and I have only known her for like six months! Thanks for everything I love you guys!

The Ostlers: This is the family I used to nanny for 8 years, then their kids just got to old! I love them so much, they have done so much for me and will always be like second parents to me!! I love them so much and greatful for what they have done especially through the hard times that I had, they were always there for me!!!

My friends, Dani Hayes, Chelsea (she is more like a sister) Chase, Hanah, Danielle, Kristin, Bri, Ashley webb, Ashley Houle, Jill Jackson, Alex cooper, Steve Jones, Brooke Jones, Abby, Aubree Worton, Brian Smith, Caitlyn Smith, Steve Smith, Lisa Smith, bishop M, Marci M, and there are SOOO many more, I love all of you so much and I am so greatful for all you guys have done for me! Thank you!! :)

My Home, The car that I drive, The bed I sleep in, The Church, My calling, My testimony, My computer, The Clothes I wear every day, My job, and the list just goes on and on!
I am so greatful for everything I have and I am especially greatful for this season I love spending time with my family and remembering what this season is all about, our savior.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ok I just had to do this little post real quick. So the other day when I was watching the kids I take care of I was upstairs building the barbie house that Paige got for her fourth birthday. Well lucy was downstairs playing the piano and it got quiet. So I came downstairs to check on her, and this is what I found! Oh my word is she not the cutest little girl on the earth!!! Oh I just love her! What a kodak moment!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ok so I am going to post a real post in just a bit but can someone help me and tell me how to change the background of my blog, like where the writing is! I think I just decided I am pretty much retarded when it comes to blogging, I thought I had it down to a T, BUT OBVIOUSLY I DONT HAHAH! Thanks guys! Dont worry a REAL LONG blog is coming soon!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Martins!

So here is the cute family that I take care of. I have pictures of the two little girls but I only watch the little boy for an hour, because then he goes to school, so I dont have any pictures of him yet. But these kids are such sweethearts, I have truly been blessed with having them in my life.. These little girls teach me so many new things everyday. We have so much fun, going to the park, playing tag, playing with dolls, watching movies, eating, and running around! They parents are some of the nicest people I have ever come across in my life. The mom (shannon) has become one of my best friends, I tell her everything and just love chatting with her, her and I click SOOOOOOOO WELL!!! I dont her husband (Jared) very well but from what I have met he is the nicest guy! Anyway here are some pictures that I took today right after our little walk we went on! Thanks Martins for being so so good to me, you guys are all amazing and I just love you all so much!!! :) Thanks!

It was REALLY bright!

This is Paige, isn't she so stinking cute!!!

This is Lucy the littlest, oh my word she has the funniest personality, she is so stinking cute!

Gosh aren't they just the cutest little girls alive, I just love em!!

This is obviously me with the girls, gosh my FAT FAT face is covering lucy!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Braces are off!!

Alright well here is a blurry nasty picture of my teeth!! Its not the best photo at all so i am sorry!!! But there ya have it, 2 1/2 years and they are finally off!!! yay!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

I Am Finally Recovering!!!

So I am finally recovering from sweat surgrey that I had last tuesday. Can I just tell you it was one of the most painful surgries I have ever had!!!! They made three cuts under my left arm and two under my right. They then put little clips on my sweat gland so that I dont sweat as much as I used to! Yah for those of you who knew me well knew how NASTY my hands were, they were always so wet and sweaty, it was so GROSS. Oh and you cant forget how sweaty my armpits got... it just all around was gross!!!! They also put chest tubes in me, cause they collapsed my lungs, and that was probably the most painful part of the surgrey those things kill, and those are what is taking so long to recover!! My back is bruised from them where they cut me open.. for my surgrey only being a week and a half ago I am recovering very very well!!!! MY HANDS ARE DRY!!! yah I love it!!!! any way enough of that!!
Below: This is just a picture of what i had and some info of what they did!!!

Neurosurgical Spine Services Division
Hyperhydrosis and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)
Hyperhydrosis and reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD) are two disorders with a common cause and treatment. Hyperhydrosis is a commonly noted as sweaty palms and feet. Patients generally note increased sweating in the palms of their hands, feet and possibly also in the trunk.
RSD is a painful condition involving one or more of the extremities. Both of these conditions result in an overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system generally controls the "fight or flight" activities of the body. Treatment for both hyperhydrosis and RSD is injections or surgery. The surgery is a minimally invasive, transthoracic endoscopic sympathectomy. Our results have been extremely positive and most patients leave the hospital the following day.
Drawing of technique for endoscopic sympathectomy used to treat hyperhydrosis (extensive sweating) and reflux sympathetic dystrophy.

So a little bit of sad news I actually dropped out of school! (ok that makes me sound like such a lazy bum.) Well I got so so far behind from surgrey and my teachers were all jerks about it. Also my books that I was waiting for still hadn't come in yet... CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT, 4 WEEKS into school and they still haven't come in! What the heck!! So I got so far behind with not having any of my books it just all fell apart! Also I will tell you the truth, this is the second time that I have tried going to school and it just didn't work out.. School is just really not my thing, I guess. I was talking to to my mom about it and I was just so frustrated that I am 20 years old and till haven't gone to school. She made me feel so much better about it, she said school is just not for everyone and that there is nothing wrong with it. So I felt a little bit better, it just frustrated me that I didn't have an education, and I know how important it is to have one, but it really is just not for me.. Lol I also complained that no guys would ever date me cause I didn't have an education. My mom laughed so hard at me and said, "Sammie, if guys aren't dating you because of that, than they are not worth it." I laughed and felt better about the situation once again. So I decided that I really wanted to do physical therapy in some way. So I found this awesome m.a.t.c program to be a physical therapy assistant. I am so excited, I am probably gonna try and do that in January! So we will see if I can get through it, lets at least hope hahahah! With the rate I go with school I probably wont, but we will see!!!

One last thing, I GOT MY BRACES OFF TWO WEEKS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I just tell you how amazing it is to have straight teeth! Man I love it!!! I will get pictures up soon, sorry I just haven't been taking pictures lately so they will come soon!!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Let the Fall Life Begin!!!

The fall life has officially begun!!!! I started my nanny job a couple of weeks ago and I love love it!! I take care of a family that lives in my stake. They have a 7 old boy his name is Case, a 3 old girl named Paige and a 1 year old girl named Lucy. They are the cutest kids ever and I just love them to death!! I watch them in the mornings on Monday, Wensdays and Fridays from 7:30 to 1 then on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 to 11:30 then go to school from 1 to 5. I love it and am so blessed with the family that I am watching they are so great!

I also started school at UVU last Thursday. This is my first time at college, well kind of.... I finally decided to go to school even though school is NOT my thing one bit, I just dont have the brains nor the patience!!! But I go on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 to 5:15. I am taking Geology, Sociology, and Psychology. So only 9 credits and just generals, but hey at least I am going right?! I do like it though its defenitly different!

Here is the wonderful school I go to!

(Warning: This post is kind of graphic)
So just this past Friday I got a MicroLaserPeel on my face. I had the worst acne, (sorry to tell you so much info) and scarring and so I needed to do something about it because nothing else was working. Man can I just tell you guys it is the weirdest thing ever. They first numb you face and you lay under a light for about twenty minutes. Then you go into this room and they get a laser and laser your acne and scarring. It smells so nasty, it smells just like burning flesh CAUSE IT IS!!! They burn the first or second layer of skin off depening on how many microns they do. After they are done they get a mirror and show you your face. Holy cow I was gagging!!! I had ash and dead skin all over my face and it stunk so bad (SORRY SO GRAPHIC) and it was so raw, red and it was burning like crazy. The worst is they have to get a towel and rub off all your skin and it hurts so bad cause you skin is so raw. After they are done they rub vasoline on your face and you have to wear the vasoline for 3 days straight and always re applying it... Its a pain but it will be so worth it. Your face is swallon and red after for awhile but then it goes down. My face is actually doing really good now. Its about three days and all the dead skin is starting to sluff off. After a couple of weeks it will be so clear!!!!! I cant wait!!!!

This is the laser machine they use to do the procedure!

So one last exciting thing that is happening this week is.............. I GET MY BRACES OFF ON WED!!!!!!!!!!! I will post pictures! I am so excited I have had them since my senior year of highschool! almost 2 and 1/2 years!!!!!!

This is a picture of me right after I got my braces on (sorry this is a horrible picture of me but this is literally just right after I got them on! I was a little sunburned from the day before lol)

WARNING!! This is a very long post!!

I think I am going to officially try and post a real post with pictures. I am going to start off with this summer! Wow where did the summer go? I cant believe it has already been here and now its gone. I had quite the summer.. I didn't work this summer because I ended up having to get surgrey at the beginning of the summer, which didn't quite go so well. So during the summer I got to just relax and basically do nothing. I really soaked it up while I could (and i know some of you are probably saying holy cow that girl is lazy.) Well the main reason I didn't end up working is because I was waiting for another surgrey but the insurance would not pay for it so we had to sit here and write all these letters to them to get them to pay for it. Well FINALLY by the end of the summer aug 10th they finally decided that they were going to pay for it and that the surgrey would be sep ninth! Gee there went my whole summer waiting for that dumb surgrey when I could have been out making mula!!!!!!
My family also went camping together this summer!!! It was so much fun to be able to just spend time with my immidiate family and play with my adorable nieces. My parents bought a fourwheeler this summer so we took that. Can I just say one day I will own one of those I love them!!!!

These are my cute little nieces camping!

This is my Dad and oldest brother Ryan caught off guard while I was taking a picture. Lol they weren't expecting me to really take it lol!

This is Me, My mom, and My sister in law. I love them especially my mom, hah this picture describes her personality to a T!

This is my other brother Brandon, my oldest brother Ryan, my sister in law Jessica, and my two nieces lexi and kenzie and their dog starbuck! You can barelly see it but we set up two hammocks, they were so relaxing!

So that was at the beginning the summer. In July one of my best friends Kristin Kujanpaa got married to her next door neighbor Ben Wade. She was the first of all our friends to get married. Gosh she looked amazing it was such a beautiful day and her reception looked amazing! Congrats Kristin I am so happy for you and I love you!!

This is me and linds at kristin wedding, She married kristin husbands best friend Caleb!
These are probably my favorite people in the whole world. This is my bishop and his wife Marci, and my best friend Kara and her boyfriend Todd. (Aren't the trees beautiful, gosh her reception was gorgous!) Here is the cute couple cutting their cake! Here are the five girls that grew up together! Daniele, Kara, Kristin, Mallory and Me!! Gosh I love these girls, it's weird to have one of them be married now! Only four more to go, and I will probably be the last lol!

So as the summer ended our family went on one last trip. We went to our family reunion up to Hidden Springs Ranch. It is about twenty minutes away from starvation resovoir. The cabin we stayed in was huge!!!!!! It was beautiful! It was so fun to see all my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents after not seeing some of them for three years!!

This was the huge pool in the backyard of the cabin, it was so fun we swam in it like three times a day!!!!
This is my cute little cousin Aiden. I think he has got to be the cutest little boy that ever existed!!! I love him to death!!!
Here is a picture of my grandparents and their kids (my aunts, uncles and dad) this actually almost all of my dads family right here just missing a few.

These are almost all the little kids that were there, my cousins, second cousins, and nieces. They are all so dang cute I love them!!!!!

This is my whole immediate family minus my mom.

Our family got into an intense game of spoons one night. When I say intense I mean intese, there was blood and crying and all. But everyone had so much fun though!!

This is what the main level of the cabin looked like. Is it not the prettiest cabin you have ever seen!!! ITS HUGE!!!!!

Ok so downstairs there were eight bedrooms like this and each room had 8 beds looking this, so there were 64 beds total. HUGE HUH!!??? There was also a game room downstairs with a Ping Pong Table, Fooseball and Air hockey!

Also in the basment there were two bathrooms, a girls and guys. This is what they looked like they had 5 stalls and 5 showers. This is just the basement!! Upstairs on the third level there were 6 master suites with their own bathrooms!

That was basically a sum up of my amazing summer I had this year, it was so awesome to spend so much time with my family, because family is everything to me and I love them so much! Sorry this post was so stinking long but I wanted to give you as much detail as I possible could lol!!

Test Post

Well you guys I think I am slowly starting to figure out this blog situation even though I still dont understand alot of it! So if any of you smart people can help me I would love that!!! Well Alot has happened and I want to add pictures and stuff with what has happened lately but I am not sure I can do that without making this blog make no sense, because the pictures would probably be everywhere, but I am gonna give it a try... this is just going to be a test post lol!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Start of the Blogging World!

Well hello!! I thought I would start a blog about my boring ol' little life because I know that some day it will get a little more exciting! Plus I am always on here looking at old friends blogs and it is soooooo good to be able to read about them and catch up on how they are doing!! I am really excited about this and cant wait to start doing it!!