Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Darth Vader.. What?

Ok so I just need your guys opinion for just a moment.. Now this post isn't for you to feel bad or give me sympathy or anything like that, all I need is your opinion. So all growing up in school I basically was made fun of for my breathing and I basically was called DARTH VADER ya thats right DARTH VADER most of my life.. Funny huh, I thought it was... Well it bugged me at first but then I got used to it.. Well Obviously as I have grown up I haven't heard the "DARTH VADER" phrase for quite sometime now. Now people just ask if I am sick, or ask "whats wrong with you" you know all those fun questions!! I love it!!!
Well today I was watching "my" cute little kids and this morning the oldest, Case asks, "Sammie, do you want to play star wars?" So of course I said yes!! Why wouldn't I want to play star wars with those stinking cute kids. So we start playing and case is naming off who I will be, who Paige will be, and who lucy will be. Well I bet you cant guess who Case said I would be, yep thats right DARTH VADER... Oh my word I started to laugh so hard... I couldn't believe I hadn't heard that name in so long. But the best, to top it all off he was like, " Sammie you are going to be Darth Vader because you sound just like him." Holy cow it caught me off guard.. So my question is do I really sound like Darth Vader?? If I do well how awesome is that!! I guess I will be a famous person with my "very loud" breathing (according to Case and Paige.) I absolutely love little kids, they have such sweet innocent comments!! Can I just tell you I absolutely love my job.. I would do anything for those little things!

Do I sound like this scary old guy?!?!?