Friday, November 13, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blogging??? What is that?!

Ok so I know it's been well over 6 months since I have blogged but I am trying to figure out some things before I do the 4 MILLION PAGE long post, so be ready, prepare yourself, for the life of SAMANTHA HANSEN in the past 6 months cause there is a lot!!! And yes I know my background is Halloween, that just shows how much I can not WAIT TILL Halloween!

Monday, April 27, 2009


So I think that it has been along time since I have last blogged, oh wait no it's been FOREVER!!!!!!!!! So here I am trying to catch up on the last couple months of my life!! But just so you know it is a long post with lots of pictures so just prepare your self!!! Also I am a little bit retarded when it comes to blogging and I cant figure out how to move my pictures around and enlarge them so this what you are gonna get. Also one more thing sorry bare with me but it is going to be for the most recent happenings in my life to the oldest so here it goes!!!

I got accepted into Salt Lake community College and I will be starting May 18th with summer classes and I seriously can not wait because then I am that much closer to my career, which I am going into Pediatrics Occupational Therapy Assisting!! I seriously can not wait for this I will graduate in 3 years!!!!!

So last month Devin and Vanessa, the cute love birds invited me to go to a Jazz game so of course I gladly accepted that offer especially with how close we were to the court... But funny story actually Devin only had two tickets but the seat next to them is always empty so we thought it would be clever to buy a ten dollar ticket that was up in the nose bleeds and then I would just sit in that empty seat.. Well come to find out there is SOMEONE SITTING THERE.. so we were like great!! Well there were four empty seats in the row in front of them so we sat in those and it turned out great!! We obviously took a lot of pictures and some of them are crazy because we were just messing around! Thank you so much for taking me Vanessa and Dev I had a blast and I love you both! This was my third Jazz game I went to a ton this year!!!!
This was after the basketball game and we just wanted to take a crazy pic..

Just had to take a quick picture of Kyle and it was perfect cause the other guy was going in for a dunk so this picture turned out sweet!

This was during half time I think just a picture of us three!
Ok this picture is absolutely halarious!! Our faces are priceless!

Right before the game I don't know why this picture is like blue!

So back in March I went on a little road trip with my Lovely friend Shannon and her son Preston.. I guess it wasn't so little because we had to drive a total of 36 hours!! Now you are wondering where we went.. We drove out to Missouri because Shan's family lives out there and she needed a second driver to keep her company so I was like hey I will tag along so I did and it was an absolute blast! It was def a culture shock to me in a since that I have never stayed on a farm in my entire life.. It was very different to have to drive 20 minutes to just get to the city. I fed some cows and enjoyed LOTS of movies!!! Shan and I became really close and I really grew to love her family like my own I love them a lot!!! Once again i apoligise my pictures are from the end of the trip to the beginning!!
This was the drive home, I think that was harder than the drive out there because we were so exhausted and both times we drove through the night 18 hours!!!
So her family lives on a farm and they have this pond in the backyard and Shan and I decided to get their little paddle boat and take it out for a spin!

So out there you have to drive like 20 minutes to get into a city. So we decided to go into Springville and visit a place called Bass Pro (its a bigger version of Cabella's) It was fun we took a lot of crazy pictures!
They have like the largest Snapping turtle on display there it was huge!!!!

This was the first day we got there Shan and I were so exhausted we only got like 2 hours of sleep so we were just lazy all day. Well Sheena (Shan's) sister came over and they were listening to music on their lap tops so I felt a little left out so I of course I had to grab mine and they had to teach me how to use it cause I didn't know how.. gee thomas!!!
This is Shan at the Start of our LONG journey!!!

Preston, isn't he the cutest little kid in the world!!!!

So right before I left to Missouri I got a new car!!! It is a 2008 Nissan Altima!! I absolutely love it!!!! My other car was really breaking down and the repairs were just going to cost more money than the car its self so we traded it in! I am not gonna lie I miss my little roxy car because it was me, but I love this car a lot more!!!!

These are the girls I nanny we just wanted to take a picture in front my new car!!
Well there ya have it! That has been my Life in a nutshell the past 2 months!! It is amazing how many things can happen in one month or two months, or even four! I love where I am at today and I wouldn't wish anything else!!! I am so excited for this summer and to be starting school and living life!!! Also a couple of my closest friends are getting married or going on missions! Kara is getting married May 16th, Ashley is getting married June 19th, Chels is leaving on her mission May 6th and Chase is leaving on his mission July 1sth!! I am so excited for these guys and I could be happier for them!!! It will be weird to have my closest friends going different directions and I will miss them like there is no tomorrow but I am so excited for them all!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Darth Vader.. What?

Ok so I just need your guys opinion for just a moment.. Now this post isn't for you to feel bad or give me sympathy or anything like that, all I need is your opinion. So all growing up in school I basically was made fun of for my breathing and I basically was called DARTH VADER ya thats right DARTH VADER most of my life.. Funny huh, I thought it was... Well it bugged me at first but then I got used to it.. Well Obviously as I have grown up I haven't heard the "DARTH VADER" phrase for quite sometime now. Now people just ask if I am sick, or ask "whats wrong with you" you know all those fun questions!! I love it!!!
Well today I was watching "my" cute little kids and this morning the oldest, Case asks, "Sammie, do you want to play star wars?" So of course I said yes!! Why wouldn't I want to play star wars with those stinking cute kids. So we start playing and case is naming off who I will be, who Paige will be, and who lucy will be. Well I bet you cant guess who Case said I would be, yep thats right DARTH VADER... Oh my word I started to laugh so hard... I couldn't believe I hadn't heard that name in so long. But the best, to top it all off he was like, " Sammie you are going to be Darth Vader because you sound just like him." Holy cow it caught me off guard.. So my question is do I really sound like Darth Vader?? If I do well how awesome is that!! I guess I will be a famous person with my "very loud" breathing (according to Case and Paige.) I absolutely love little kids, they have such sweet innocent comments!! Can I just tell you I absolutely love my job.. I would do anything for those little things!

Do I sound like this scary old guy?!?!?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tribute To My Best Friend!!!

I just wanted to write a little tribute to my best friend Kara who got engaged a couple of nights ago!!! I am just doing this because it is huge we have been friends for about 12 + years and it is crazy that we are this point in our life! All growing up we would ALWAYS talk about who we would think we both would marry and what type of guy we would end up with. Kara and I basically lived with each other growing up, we were with each other almost about 24/7. We fought more than anyone that I have ever met in my entire life but yet I have never been closer to anyone in my life.. We literally fought like we were sisters.. Because she basically is my "sister" just from another mother :)We actually finally ended up being roommates for a couple months and we were hesitant about it because usually you fight with your roommate like crazy especailly if it's your best friend. That is actually when we became the closest in our whole friendship and it just has been amazing ever since! I am so excited for her and and I am so excited that she is marrying such an amazing guy. Todd treats her so well and Kara deserves that more than anything. Todd is completely amazing to her, and it makes me so happy to see her so happy! They are the cutest couple and I am not just saying that cause she is my friend but they literally are perfect for each other and they will have beautiful kids!! I am so grateful that she has been such a huge part of my life and for sticking by me through some of the hardest times in my life.. We have been through thick and thin with each other and have such a special friendship that cant ever be broken. I am so excited for the future for when we both have kids and our kids can be friends. Kara I just wanted to tell you I am so happy for you and I cant wait to share this special day with you , the one we have been waiting for all our lives!! I will be a wreck thats for sure!! I love you Kara and thanks for being the most amazing friend/sister to me!!! CONGRATS GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am just gonna add a few pictures I have of her and me!! I have a billion but here is a few of some of the fun times we have shared together!!!

This is one of the lake powell trips we went on together with my family! I love this picture!!

Look at how tan she is!! Beauty Kara!

This was at my graduation! Thanks for coming to support me Kara!

These are all the girls we grew up with! Kristin was the first to get married out of us and now that will be you KARA!!!!

Look at how cute Kara and Todd are dancing! What a great couple!

This is the soon to be Anderson's!!!!!

This was some random hike we took with a couple girls in our ward last summer!

All four of us are best friends and we did alot together growing up!! We usually would go out to eat like once a year or twice to catch up on eachothers lives after highschool. Danielle here in the front is serving a mission, Kara is obviously about to get married, Kristin is married, and then there is poor little single sammie!!! hah! Love you girls!