Thursday, November 25, 2010

So much to be thankful for!!

Well since it's been a decade since I have posted I will share what is on my mind! I have a lot on my mind so prepare yourselves!!!! I apoligize in advance as well, that my camera charger is lost, so I can't charge my camera to get the pictures on the computer! So this will just be a post full of words!!!!
Alright since today is Thanksgiving I though today might be a great day to express what is on my mind and what I am truly grateful for in my life. I just want to start off with my parents, they have sacrificed so much for me in my life, it is truly un real. I don't know how I got so blessed to have parents that have done so much for me health wise, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Even though we have our MAJOR differences and points of views, I don't know where Iwould ever be without them. They have been through so much with their kids as far as physically, and emotionally, I don't know how they do it. I hope I have the strength they do one day when I am a mother.
Second I am truly greatful for those families that have TRULY loved me for me, despite my faults and problems that I may have. I am so grateful to these families that have invited me in their home and had me as apart of their family. It's amazing how you find out how much someone knows you when they do something for you because they know that it will make you happy! Half of the families that have "adopted" me in to theirs just know that I have struggled with my own family and they know just how much I love being around people, and the "family" enviroment. I love those families more then anything, they know who they are. There have been families that honestly I feel like I have been walked all over, and just kinda there because I chose to go over. I have learned a lot from those experiences and those families but I am grateful for the ones that have stuck by my side through thick and thin!
I am truly grateful for the friends that I have. There are friends that I have had for a life time that once again love me for me, and for who I am, and not for what I do or say. I have learned so much from these people and from their examples. I don't know where anyone would be if they didn't have friends, and I have been truly grateful for the TRUE ones that I have made in my life.
I am defenitely eternally grateful for the gospel, I really have no idea where I would be without it. It has brought me happiness where I KNOW I will never ever find anywhere else. I am so grateful for the teachings and convinents. I am grateful that I have something to follow in my life, and to have someone that will always love me no matter my looks, bad days, good days, faults, mistakes, e.t.c. I know that when I got baptized four years ago it was the best descion I have made in my life thus far. I love the gospel more then anything int his world. Even though it has brought some major termoil in my life I know that one day it will all work out the way its suppose to!
I am very grateful for the experiences that I have had in my life to make me the person that I am today. I am grateful for the relationships that I have been in because they have helped me know what I want in my future life, and what I dont want. I am grateful for the surgries that I have gone through because they show me how fragile life is, and that we should NEVER EVER take it for granted. I am grateful for the emotional challanges that I may have gone through in my life because like I said before it has made me the person I am today and just made me feel so blessed for the wonderful life that I have been provided!
Anyway that is my thankful post there really is SOOOO much to be thankful for, especially the little things like my job, getting an education, the warm house that my parents provide, a car to drive to get from here to there, a warm bed, medicine, doctors, and sooo much more! I love the life that I live and I love where I am at today. I have learned SOOO much in my life already and I can't wait to learn a lot more as I live my life. Happy thanksgiving everyone, I hope that it is a good one for you and that you got to spend it with those that you love!!!!

I know probably absolutely no one reads this but hey it's kinda nice to write what your feeling and get peoples feedback right! Haha